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This month, Ivy guests can receive $15 toward a future service when purchasing any three retail items (travel size excluded).

IVY VIPs can relax with smooth skin and smooth hair! Schedule your Keratin Complex service of choice in May or June to smooth down frizz before humidity hits full force, and take home a Moment of Relaxation to keep your skin equally smooth and your mind stress free!

Pure Privilege Perks Alert! Between now and June 30, Pure Privilege members receive 300 bonus points when purchasing any three AVEDA products (travel size excluded).

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"Being talented in what your passionate about is your calling."

-David Wagner

Can you believe it's already that time of year? The days are so much longer and everyone seems a little less tense (must be all that hot air). Is it me or does summer have its own set of rules - like certain things are acceptable this time of year that might not otherwise be? Everything from work to our wardrobes seem to be a bit more relaxed.

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The Unofficial Rules of Summer (aka The Open Toed Shoe Pledge)!

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